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The Seven R's

To be successful in a constantly changing world individuals must develop important skills. While the traditional three Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic) are still as important as they ever were, the information technology revolution has changed the environment in which we live and work.

To make an impression in today’s world there are four more Rs that need to be mastered:

  • Research
  • Reflection
  • Responsibility
  • Retention


The convergence of the World Wide Web and powerful search technology allows us almost instantaneous access to vast quantities of information. The ability to research intelligently and effectively and to find pertinent and useful information is key.


As we move into the information age, employees increasingly need to reflect upon their own competencies and decide how to make sure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to do their job well. Greater onus is placed on the employee to define what is needed at work.


In the context of homeworking and flexible hours, successful individuals are developing a more autonomous sense of responsibility.


Knowledge retention is important. Google and other search engines give us access to a plethora of information; we should know what to reject and what to retain. And in the context of training, professional certifications show that a person has the ability to retain the knowledge required to do the job.

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