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  • “I just wanted to say thank you for everything over the past year I really enjoyed my apprenticeship and without it I wouldn’t know where I wanted to be or be able to get there.”
    Mollie, Digital Marketing Apprentice
  • “Even from the first interview I had with TDM I knew this was a company willing to help people develop and achieve their full potential. They helped me find a placement of work and I’ve been there ever since. I started with the Level 2 and I’m now working on my Level 4. During this time TDM and their staff have been as helpful as they can in aiding my development and the study weeks they provide have been excellent. I have gained so much knowledge and qualifications too that will help me improve and become a better professional in the IT industry. I would highly recommend TDM to anyone who is looking towards apprenticeships and gaining qualifications.”
    Dale, IT Apprentice
  • “TDM gave the perfect amount of nurture and space, inspiring independent learning. I wholly enjoyed my time with TDM and the qualifications I achieved at the end of my time with them is a reflection not only of the qualities they instilled in me, but also what a high quality education the experience the staff are providing to each apprentice.”
    Hannah, IT Apprentice
  • “So far, taking the entire Apprenticeship route with TDM has allowed me to greatly develop my professional skills, it has also helped me to grow as an individual, know exactly what I want to achieve within the next few years, and I’m able to recognise what I need to do to get there. TDM staff have massively helped all the way.”
    Jamie, IT Apprentice