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Why Choose a Tech or Digital Apprenticeship with TDM Wyre Academy?

Apprenticeships have a great reputation and are a professional pathway to Advanced and Higher education qualifications. You no longer have to choose between academic and vocational pathways if you aspire to a career in the Tech & Digital industries. In fact, the process of applying the latest technical knowledge and academic theory to your everyday work only enhances professional skills.

Being an apprentice gives you the opportunity to gain recognised qualifications, internationally recognised industry certifications and develop professional skills, while earning a salary and working for some of the best companies in England. Gain respected qualifications from CompTIA, Microsoft and CIW, and also gain access to superb progression routes with apprenticeships available up to Degree Level.

You start earning straight away – Apprentice Minimum Wage is £3.40, although many employers may pay more than this rate with the average at £170 per week. There are no tuition fees so you can avoid the burden of university debt whilst still gaining higher level qualifications. This means you can secure a full-time job after completing your apprenticeship – 90% of our apprentices either remain with their employer or go straight into another job.

TDM’s apprenticeship programmes are award winning – for the past two years in a row TDM apprentices have won regional accolades and awards, including Worcestershire Higher Apprentice of the Year and Advanced Apprentice of the Year.

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Statistics for the Digital Economy

Apprenticeship Statistics

The tech sector is worth a mighty £91.1 billion, that’s 6% of the entire UK economy. That’s more than the construction industry, double that of legal and accounting services and three times that of the sports and recreation, film, television and gambling industries combined.

Apprenticeship Statistics

The tech industry’s Gross Value Added (GVA) grew by 10% in 2012-13, that’s over three times more than the UK industry’s GVA as a whole.

Apprenticeship Statistics

The number of tech enterprises grew by 11% between 2008 and 2013, that’s over 15,000 new tech businesses. The total number of enterprises in the UK increased by just 0.3% in that period.

Apprenticeship Statistics

The Tech Partnership predicts nearly 28% employment growth over 2015-2025 period… which means 7 million new jobs will be created for Tech Specialists in the next decade.

What Our Apprentices Have to Say About Us:

  • “I just wanted to say thank you for everything over the past year I really enjoyed my apprenticeship and without it I wouldn’t know where I wanted to be or be able to get there.”
    Mollie, Digital Marketing Apprentice
  • “Even from the first interview I had with TDM I knew this was a company willing to help people develop and achieve their full potential. They helped me find a placement of work and I’ve been there ever since.”
    Dale, IT Apprentice
  • “TDM gave the perfect amount of nurture and space, inspiring independent learning. I wholly enjoyed my time with TDM and the qualifications I achieved at the end of my time with them is a reflection not only of the qualities they instilled in me, but also what a high quality education the experience the staff are providing to each apprentice.”
    Hannah, IT Apprentice
  • “So far, taking the entire Apprenticeship route with TDM has allowed me to greatly develop my professional skills, it has also helped me to grow as an individual, know exactly what I want to achieve within the next few years, and I’m able to recognise what I need to do to get there. TDM staff have massively helped all the way.”
    Jamie, IT Apprentice